Emma Willmer : Gestalt Psychotherapist in Manchester
Emma Willmer : Gestalt Psychotherapist in Manchester
Emma Wilmer: Registered Gestalt Therapist in Manchester

I work as a therapist because I am interested in learning about others, helping them understand the past and deal better with the present and future. As a therapist I accompany and direct people while they learn more about how they came to be in their present situation, what they are doing to keep things that way and how they can act differently to make real and lasting changes.

For me therapy is about facilitating others' learning and growth. In therapy we might make changes or find a way to accept what we cannot change. Therapy work, as both a client or therapist, can be painful, difficult or exciting but is always an engaging, unpredictable and inspiring experience!

I am British born but of Anglo-Indian heritage; this gives me a special interest in how, as individuals, we are influenced by social and cultural forces as well as our more immediate family. I have a background in theatre and movement work, and an ongoing practice of meditation and Yoga. I am also at the early stages of post-graduate study using philosophy to examine psychological ideas.



    How much are the sessions? My fee ranges from £30 - £45 payable one session in advance. You pay any sum which you can sustain, given your means. A rough guide is that you pay approximately 10% of your weekly income, but the main idea is that you pay a price you can afford. There are some places at a further reduced rate for those on a very low income. You can talk to me about this.

    How frequent are the sessions? I see clients on a weekly basis for 60 minutes. Appointment times can change each week if necessary to fit in with other commitments.

    What qualifications and experience do you have? I am registered with the UKCP (United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy), which is a nationally and internationally recognised umbrella body validating qualifications in psychotherapy, and promoting research in psychotherapy. You can find out more about the UKCP at http://www.psychotherapy.org.uk/. I therefore abide by the UKCP code of ethics and am fully insured. My training was with the GPTI (Gestalt Psychotherapy & Training Institute) in the UK; I began training and practising in 1994 and qualified in 2002. I have worked in private practice for over 10 years in south Manchester and as a visiting therapist at Gaskell House in Manchester Royal Infirmary for 7 years. I also work as a psychological consultant to legal firms seeking psychological assessments and mitigation reports for their clients.

    How do I find out more? If you want to talk with me to find out more, or see if an initial appointment would suit you, you can call me on 0161 225 4782, or call or text on 07719 780712. You can speak to me or leave a message and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. You can also contact me by using the form here

    What is a first session like? The first consultation is free. This is a 60 minute session in which we can meet to talk about what you need, and to see if we both feel happy to continue. At the end of this session, you might make another appointment or want to go away to think about things. Occasionally I may feel I am unable to help you and might then wish to refer you to someone else. During this session, we will talk generally about what you are looking for and hoping to get from therapy. It is quite like an informal chat.

    How do I know if I need therapy? If you want to talk to someone, explore your problems in more depth, understand their causes, make changes and grow, then therapy is for you! Therapy can be helpful for all kinds of people for all kinds of reasons. Therapy can help you identify what changes you need to make within yourself or externally in your life, and help support you as you go about making those changes. People typically come to therapy because they are feeling depressed or anxious and want to resolve and understand this depression and anxiety. Sometimes people are simply feeling low in mood and want to talk and find a way to feel happy.

    Why would talking help? Talking with another person and trying to describe or explain what we are experiencing, helps us further clarify and understand what we really feel, think, want and have been through. As things become clearer, the way forward also becomes clearer. Talking about things is completely different from thinking about things
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EMMA WILLMER : Registered Gestalt Psychotherapy in Manchester | Tel: 0161-225 4782 or 07719 780712