Emma Willmer : Gestalt Psychotherapist in Manchester
Emma Willmer : Gestalt Psychotherapist in Manchester
Emma Wilmer: Registered Gestalt Therapist in Manchester

I work as a therapist because I am interested in learning about others, helping them understand the past and deal better with the present and future. As a therapist I accompany and direct people while they learn more about how they came to be in their present situation, what they are doing to keep things that way and how they can act differently to make real and lasting changes.

For me therapy is about facilitating others' learning and growth. In therapy we might make changes or find a way to accept what we cannot change. Therapy work, as both a client or therapist, can be painful, difficult or exciting but is always an engaging, unpredictable and inspiring experience!

I am British born but of Anglo-Indian heritage; this gives me a special interest in how, as individuals, we are influenced by social and cultural forces as well as our more immediate family. I have a background in theatre and movement work, and an ongoing practice of meditation and Yoga. I am also at the early stages of post-graduate study using philosophy to examine psychological ideas.


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The UKCP's purpose is to promote the art and science of psychotherapy for the public benefit; to promote research and education in psychotherapy and disseminate the results of any such research; and to promote (or assist in the promotion, preservation and protection of public health by encouraging) high standards of training and practice in psychotherapy and the wider provision of psychotherapy for the public benefit.


The British Association for Counselling grew from the Standing Conference for the Advancement of Counselling, a grouping of organisations inaugurated in 1970 at the instigation of the National Council for Voluntary Organisations. Membership was extended to include individuals when in 1977, with the aid of a grant from the Home Office Voluntary Service Unit, the British Association for Counselling was founded.


The Society for Gestalt Theory and its Applications (GTA) is a scientific association established for the purpose of promoting the Gestalt-theoretical perspective in research and practice. It was founded in 1978, and since then has grown to include many members from European countries and throughout the world. Most of the members are psychologists and psychotherapists, but the membership also contains researchers from many other disciplines as well.


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Useful site for anyone wanting to know the origins of Gestalt, through to it's uses in modern day psychology and psychotherapy.

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